Hello December….here’s our November. 

Hello December I can't believe you're here! We started off November with a very sick poorly little man. God love him, he was miserable. I do have a picture of him but I feel so bad uploading it. Thank God it didn't take him too long to recover and when he did we headed for … Continue reading Hello December….here’s our November. 


Hello November, here’s our October.

As a true Irish person I cannot start off this post without writing about the weather. It has been amazing. So so mild. We have been treated to some amazing colours. The sunrises, sunsets and also the leaves on the trees.  The clear blue skies we have had more or less every day have really … Continue reading Hello November, here’s our October.

Working Mammy Guilt!

Who knew becoming a self-employed working mammy was going to cause such a guilty feeling. The feeling has really surprised me, the older he gets the guiltier I feel. Cathal was only 2 weeks old when I went back to college which meant I was away from him from 10-4 each day. As bad as … Continue reading Working Mammy Guilt!

Olbas naturally helps all of us with sniffly noses.

I don't know how Cathal's nose doesn't get exhausted because it tries to run from Autumn right through to Spring. But my good friend Olbas holds it back, thank God.  Cathal has been blocked up and has had 'snotties' doing a long distance run for a full week now. I am kicking myself as to … Continue reading Olbas naturally helps all of us with sniffly noses.

Hello October…here’s our Septemeber.

What felt like the fastest Summer in the world ended with a bang. It was Shane's 40th and he certainly made the most of it. It lasted 4 days to be exact. We had dinner on the Thursday evening in iPoh, a delicious Chinese  restaraunt in Gorey. Friday we had breakfast in Murphy's, on the … Continue reading Hello October…here’s our Septemeber.

Snapchat, it’s an addiction. 

I easily spend 5 hours of my day if not more watching some of  Ireland and the UK's top 'digital influencers' talk about their 'new favourite product'. It's not just the top guns I follow. I also follow many relatively unknown followers go about their everyday lives whilst they take the bus to work, tickle … Continue reading Snapchat, it’s an addiction. 

A/W 16 staples for Hourglass/Pear Ladies from New Look 💜💛

We learned how to measure our body shapes a few months ago when I wrote this post. I have since lost weight and I have returned to my original hourglass shape. However, both pear and hourglass shapes are dressed quite similarly. Like the seasons past the oversized unfitted trend is still in full swing which … Continue reading A/W 16 staples for Hourglass/Pear Ladies from New Look 💜💛

Depression will be with you forever Biddynail's blog post on year anniversary of video on Her.ie

Depression Doesn’t Disappear…

'Is iontach cróga thú' I may have been suicidal once but I will have depression forever. It doesn't disappear. I, You, All of us, we just need to learn to deal with it. Don't let it beat us. Different methods work for different people to keep that black dog at bay. For me it is … Continue reading Depression Doesn’t Disappear…

Kayaking in Wexford with kids 💜💛

I was nervously excited whilst we headed for Edermine Bridge just outside Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford to go kayaking. I had images of Cathal having a notion and deciding to jump in whilst we were on the River Slaney. In my head, if he was to do that he was going to frighten himself and turn … Continue reading Kayaking in Wexford with kids 💜💛

I don’t smack my child, and I won’t! 

I would hate to be smacked so why would I do it to my precious little boy!  It is my opinion that there are far better ways to teach my child life lessons about what he can or cannot do than to chastise him.  I am truly blessed that Cathal is a very well behaved … Continue reading I don’t smack my child, and I won’t!